Sunday, 2 March 2014

Balinese Girls

Balinese Girls - In addition bali tour areas of interest (like bali beach, nusa dua bali beach , bali culture, etc), it is still there which is another attraction. bali girl is very characteristic, and has its own characteristics. Balinese girls does not wear antiquity breast cover. but now it is not.

Balinese Girls

Now Balinese girls Women's traditional clothing is generally made ​​up of:
- Bun (bun)
- Sesenteng (tank songket)
- Cain wastra
- Prada belt (Stagen), twisted hips and chest
- Songket shawl shoulders down
- Tapih cloth or sinjang, on the inside
- Various ornaments jewelry

Often kebaya worn, the cloth covering the chest, and footwear as a complement - Balinese Girls.

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